[Openswan Users] Road Warriors with same source IP Address

Gaiseric Vandal gaiseric.vandal at gmail.com
Fri Jul 14 08:50:33 EDT 2017

Assuming the remote user's have private IP class C subnet behind their 
ISP router/modem/firewall/gateway.   Assume each remote user has 
configured their PC with the same private IP address.  The initial 
connections to the VPN server should come from the public IP on the 
remote users' routers.        Are the remote computers linux or 
windows?   Is the tunnel for user1 actually going down, or does user1 
just get disconnected from corporate resources because the routing 
changes?   I don't see how two VPN clients could have the same IP 
address any more than two LAN clients could.

If you are using openswan  on the client in linux from the command line, 
I don't think you have an option to configure a virtual adapter (which 
would let the remote user have an IP address on the corporate LAN, 
therefore abstracting the remote user's real IP.)    Openswan in linux 
does have gui front ends for the client, but those never worked for me. 
   Instead I use shrewsoft as the linux gui vpn client, which may 
support virtual adapters.

Are you using the strait IKE/IPSEC  VPN or are you using LT2P+IPSEC?

On 07/14/17 07:43, Paul Littlefield wrote:
> Can you have 2 users accessing a VPN from the same outside source IP 
> Address?
> I appear to have an issue where 1 user is connected from home and 
> working fine, but as soon as the 2nd user tries to connect from the 
> same home it drops the 1st user.
> Thanks.
> Paul
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