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James O. Emadoye emadoyej at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 22 15:01:21 EDT 2016

Dear Openswan users,
I run a dedicated server running window server 2008r2.  I want to establish a site to site vpn connection to a site with the following parameters.
VPN Tunnel EndpointIP address             196.6.103.xIKE Encryption (DES,3DES, AES)                     AES256AuthenticationMethod (MD5, SHA)            SHADiffie-Helman Group(1,2,5)                                  5Security AssociationLifetime                           28800IPSEC Encryption(DES, 3DES,AES)                  AES256AuthenticationMethod (MD5, SHA)                 SHADiffle-Helman Group(1,2)                                      2Security AssociationLifetime (Sec)                 1800Perfect ForwardSecrecy (Yes, No)                    YesPFS Diffie-HelmanGroup (1,2,5)                          5HostIp                                      196.6.103.x
Please can someone please come to my aid.  Which is the best option for me to connect to the site with the above parameters from my window server.
I await you reply.
Greetings and thanksJ.O
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