[Openswan Users] Xelerance has released Openswan 2.6.48

Samir Hussain shussain at xelerance.com
Mon Jun 6 10:03:43 EDT 2016

Xelerance has released Openswan 2.6.48


v2.6.48 (June 6, 2016)

Bug fix release.

* fix leak error found by travis [MCR]
* some minor fixes to unit test cases as a result of merge and travis
testing [MCR]
* Fixing compile error when HAVE_STATSD=true is set. [Samir Hussain]
* ipsec eroute connections number kept increased. [freedai]
* Update ipsec_proc.c [freedai]
* Update pfkey_v2.c [freedai]
* Providing more meaningful name to variable that will get modified via
sed [Samir Hussain]
* For debian packages, we need to have a tilda (~) between version and
rc/dr in order to do proper versioning [Samir Hussain]
* Minor spelling fixes [Samir Hussain]
* Fixing issue with missing OCF symbols when trying to modprobe KLIPS on
Trusty [Samir Hussain
* convince compiler that j is never too big [MCR]
* const-ify as many spd_eroute arguments as possible [MCR]
* update some dependancy headers [MCR]
* update test case to expect AUTHENTICATION_FAILURE, rather than
* reject connections that have a version mismatch using
* test case to check that IKEv2 is reject with a message of
* verify that correct IKEv1 notify is sent when IKEv1 is disabled [MCR]
* when looking for a connection, determine if a different connection
would be returned if IKEv1/IKEv2 policy was ignored [MCR]
* permit notifications to be sent from complete_v1_state_transition even
when no state was created [MCR]
* added mytunnel-no-ikev1 [MCR]
* log number of whack messages processed to aid in debug of new unit
tests [MCR]
* complain if a conn can not be found [MCR]
* missed three changes to policy dump from adding policy_clear [MCR]
* additional debug of policy, output for lset_clear policy search [MCR]
* with changes to find_host_connections2, the ikev1 packet is now
properly rejected [MCR]
* find_host_connections2 now takes an lset of policies that must be
clear [MCR]
* include complete_v1_state_transition when not doing IKEv1 processing [MCR]
* initialize wire_chunk_t in crypto_req using macro [MCR]
* added appropriate seams for responding to ikev1 messages, when no
ikev1 permitted [MCR]
* protect against smc might be null when processing ikev1 packet [MCR]
* support receiving ikev1 messages in ikev2 receive test [MCR]
* mark include paths for headers moved to include directory [MCR]
* no-ikev1 tunnel case [MCR]
* new test case for process IKEv1 packets when only IKEv2 are expected [MCR]
* confirm output is an IKEv1 main mode init [MCR]
* move some nat-t headers to include/pluto, and permit them to be
link-seamed out [MCR]
* removed main_outI1 from seam so that lp43 can use it [MCR]
* added lp43 - generate IKEv1 first packet [MCR]

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