[Openswan Users] Cross Site Connectivity

Leonard Wood leonardw at ufl.edu
Thu Feb 25 16:00:30 EST 2016

I have a single Openswan deployment (2.6.38/K4.2.0-27-generic) currently
connected to two sites-Site A and Site B.  Let's call my OpenSwan deployment
Site C.


I need to have Site A private subnet communicate with Site B private subnet,
and vice versa.


Site A Private Subnet =

Site B Private Subnet =

Site C Private Subnet = (OpenSwan Deployment Subnet)


As of current, I can only communicate to/from Site A from Site C and I can
only communicate to/from Site B from Site C. 


Any suggestions how to accomplish cross site connectivity so Site A and
communicate with Site B through Site C and vice versa?


Secondly, do you see any security concerns with this approach? Could traffic
be intercepted or read in plaintext from my OpenSwan instance (Site C) since
it's essentially acting as MITM?


Many thanks in advance!



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