[Openswan Users] Why I have 2 tunnels up on Openswan?

Alex Petcu alex.petcu at sipstatus.com
Mon Oct 12 11:24:50 EDT 2015

You can try to see more with
ipsec auto -status

It will show details for each tunnel.

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Subject: [Openswan Users] Why I have 2 tunnels up on Openswan?

I have started to use Openswan on Centos6 and was able to configure Host to Host using the following document:


My configuration is following (on both sides):

        conn tunnel1
        # load and initiate automatically

I have enabled tunnel using the following command:

    ipsec auto --add tunnel1
    ipsec auto --up tunnel1

Why I have 2 tunnels up?
I see it on both sides

    service ipsec status
    IPsec running  - pluto pid: 27830
    pluto pid 27830
    2 tunnels up
    some eroutes exist

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