[Openswan Users] Tunnel up but no traffic through it

Björn Mittelsdorf bjoern.mittelsdorf at scheer-management.com
Fri May 15 05:50:25 EDT 2015

Hi Alexandre,

> My tunnel has been successfully established, but when I traceroute from
> side A to B, the request goes outside the tunnel,  I have tried too many
> different configuration but I give up, so before I go completely crazy, I am
> asking if anyone could help me.

> 000 "myvpn":<>[+S=C]---
><>[+S=C]===; erouted; eroute owner:

You have to define a subnet for Side A giving it a single ip and creating a loopback device on Side A server so that there actually is traffic from a acceptable source to go into the tunnel...

Something like 


and the respective loopback device in /etc/network/interfaces

auto lo:11
iface lo:11 inet static

should do the trick.

Please include configuration files even when it is not working in your questions.

Best regards

Bjoern Mittelsdorf

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