[Openswan Users] does ipsec sa have a Dead peer dedection institution like IKE sa does

MichaelLeung gbcbooksmj at gmail.com
Sun Mar 29 11:16:27 EDT 2015

HI group

i am facing  a terrible issue of Openswan,

the rates of my ipsec connection is limited to maximum 128K/s , now 
Isakmp sa  and Ipsec sa can negoinitate correctly from the begining , 
after a serveral renegoinitate , Openswan will lost its Ipsec sa but 
Cisco Router won't.
while the isakmp sa were working good , under this circumstance, IPsec 
tunnel will not working unless Ipsec sa of cisci site expired and they 
will renegoinitate Isakmp sa and Ipsec sa

so , i am looking for a solution to let them dedection each other are 
alive  , a institution like isakmp sa keepalive.

a second question
which condition do we consider to coordinate the IPsec sa life timeout 
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