[Openswan Users] Openswan 2.6.44 released

Patrick Naubert patrickn at xelerance.com
Thu Aug 13 14:07:34 EDT 2015

Xelerance has released Openswan-2.6.44

This is a massive bug patch and IKEv2 processing fixes. Upgrade with caution.

You can download Openswan via https at:


Please report bugs either via one of the mailinglists or at our bug tracker:


See also https://www.openswan.org/

v2.6.44 (August 13, 2015)

 * Potential fix for #4285 - make sure kernel.c uses correct destination for outgoing SPD when responding to an initiator/32 [MCR]
 * Change negotiated tunnel message to be clearer with IPv6 addresses [MCR]
 *  Using short notation, using GNUmakefile notdir, and making sure that $< will
    reference the right file by making explicit %.c->%.o rule. [Jason]
 *  Show the connection name when the state is found, provide a way to nicely dump a single state to debug log [MCR]
 *  Change find_host_pair so that it knows if it is creating a new host pair, as host pairs that have right=%any will always match [MCR]
 *  Tweak CA business so that correct CA is loaded, it is referenced correctly, the correct ID is used to lookup the CA [MCR]
 *  Make sure that certificate file name is properly terminated [MCR]
 *  Use a mcro to set SIN_LEN [MCR]
 *  Added st_peer_id to store decode ID from inside I2 message [MCR]
 *  Added fmt_connection_inst_name [MCR]
 *  Add additional way to orient: me defaultroute with other end not having private key [MCR]
 *  Make passing pass_prompt_t into key loading function officially optional [MCR]
 *  Cope with a NULL prompt_pass, make something up to store passphrase if necessary [MCR]
 *  Adopted some kernel_netkey.c fixes from libreswan, and added some debug of port numbers [MCR]
 *  Reset the remote port number to 0, as lack of client should indicate lack of port numbers (XXX maybe not) [MCR]
 *  rw_instantiate needs to take remote address from state [MCR]
 *  Simplify evaluation of when we need to instantiate templates: all conns that
    are templates should be instantiated [MCR]
 *  Log why connection was marked as a template [MCR]
 *  Added explicit struct end that to ipsec installation to deal with rightsubnet=%self situation [MCR]
 *  find_client_connection can use endclient too [MCR]
 *  Note better when find_host_pair() is done [MCR]
 *  Replace series of our_net/peer_net + protocol/port arguments with struct end. [MCR]
 *  Use endclienttot() to format things in more places [MCR]
 *  Use endclienttot() to print fc_try debug [MCR]
 *  Added enddclienttot() function to format end->client, taking into account that the host_type might be %any [MCR]
 *  Need to set send_whack_msg to a value even if ctlbase is going to default [MCR]
 *  Log when there is no send_whack_msg function [MCR]
 *  Do not even try to use libnss for certain non-critical PEM related 3DES operations [MCR]
 *  Make sure that st_localaddr and st_localport is setup based upon where we observe traffic to flow
    this information is used when has_client=0, and we are really proposing a conn for self. [MCR]
 *  If end has no client, then set end to appropriate value from state [MCR]
 *  Correctly return no proposal chosen when the initiator suggests>,
    which previously matched encoding for %any [MCR]
 *  When IKEv2 has right=%any, the remote address and port needs to be recorded into the state [MCR]
 *  Use macro for -lefence so that it can be globablly turned off [MCR]
 *  Write record number in debug output from readwriteconf [MCR]
 *  Send public keys before policy [MCR]
 *  Eliminate some testing specific code in readwriteconf that duplicated code from starterwhack.c [MCR]
 *  Orient should be able to consider an end local if a private key is present for the public key indicated [MCR]
 *  Orientation now takes into account which end has a private key (if no interface IP
    address could determine orientation) [MCR]
 *  Split nss and non-nss signature routines [MCR]
 *  Explain liboswkeys library [MCR]
 *  Explain libpluto [MCR]
 *  Make connection loading description a bit prettier [MCR]
 *  Module mis-named, got an i in front of af_key [MCR]
 *  Clean up orient info -- debug only [MCR]
 *  Warn about FIPS mode only once [MCR]
 *  libnss brings in some additional libraries that reveals that rsasigkey does not have exit_tool() defined [MCR]
 *  Use NSS_LIBS and FIPS_LIBS defines properly [MCR]
 *  Split off nss function to make files simpler to read [MCR]
 *  Sort out LIBNSS nonsense in rsasigkey [MCR]
 *  Mark rhel builds as using LIBNSS.
    remove build_klips parts -- they are unmaintained on rhel7 [MCR]
 *  Make ikeping diagnostics saner, and show help rather than aborting [MCR]
 *  Update IPSECBASEVERSION in Makefile.ver for packagingprep target (simon)
 *  Make ikeping diagnostics saner, and show help rather than aborting [MCR]
 *  Clarify that whack_magic mismatch has nothing to do with klips [MCR]
 *  Permit debug-netkey to be alias for debug-klips as well debug-xfrm [MCR]
 *  Log the version that is placed into the version file [MCR]
 * Mark some SPD/SA creation code as debug [MCR]
 * Remove extensive but useless satype processing from netlink_raw_eroute [MCR]
 * Added state to eroute_connection so that peer address can be taken from there [MCR]
 * Just because right=%any, does not mean that it is a template [MCR]
 * Simplify the kernel SA add code to use src/dst where appropriate, and src_client/dst_client properly [MCR]
 * Updated natt port handling to pull from parent_st. [MCR]
 * Found potentially dead code in update_ipsec_sa() [MCR]
 * Log src/dst after it is inbound/outbound set [MCR]
 * Take IPsec SA end points from state rather than from policy [MCR]
 * Pass parent state down in IPsec SA creation routines so that an accurate st_localaddr/st_remoteaddr is available.
      Note should also add port numbers --- IKEv2 NAT work is probably still open [MCR]
 * Some debug of setup_half_ipsec_sa [MCR]
 * SA src/dst is not a subnet, but an address, so use appropriate structure [MCR]
 * Log algorithm lookup in KLIPS debug, and also IP address pairs of endpoint [MCR]
 * When responding in an error condition, keep the state around awhile
   in case there is a retransmit; but eventually remove it [MCR]
 * Always collect other peers SPI value, we need it. With this change, the spi=0000000 problem goes away [MCR]
 * Moved detection that responder has sent multiple proposals outside of block that matches them [MCR]
 * Role can never change in ikev2parent_inR2, it is always the initiator [MCR]
 * Added progress debug to setup_half_ipsec_sa so errors from kernel make more sense [MCR]
 * Removed role parameter from emit_ts, and move next_payload calculation to parent [MCR]
 * Removed note about duplicate_state --- state duplication occurs in ike_child_sa_respond [MCR]
 * Defend ikev2_encrypt_msg against possible bad inputs; might come from ikev2_delete_out [MCR]
 * Make code associated with being a responder not optional [MCR]
 * Removed role parameter from ike_child_sa_respond, as it never is called by initiator [MCR]
 * Set crypto importance once SA has been validated [MCR]
 * Log state numbers better, and log SPI# in network order [MCR]
 * Do not log a NAT change on first packet [MCR]
 * Log the msgid for parent and child IKEv2 SAs [MCR]
 * Added some notes about when parent state is relevant and when child is needed [MCR]
 * Try to log better in setup_half_ipsec_sa() so that errors are more easily associated [MCR]
 * R2 message was not being accepted because msgid replay counter
   was being compared on child SA, rather than parent [MCR]
 * Do not log NAT port changes if original address is [MCR]
 * Import libreswan (2bc8abe3) netlink fixes [MCR]
 * Make sigusr1 handler static [MCR]
 * Added DEBUG_WITH_PAUSE to keep pluto from running away with retransmits
   when developer is thinking after a failure [MCR]
 * Adopt a bunch of IKE algorithm definitions, and attempt to
    find and quiet source of duplicate algorithm entries [MCR]
 * Refactor ESP creation into new function for readability [MCR]
 * Pluto now accepts SIGUSR1: this presently does nothing (crypto subprocesses ignore it)
    it can be used with DEBUG_WITH_PAUSE to "single step" pluto interactions which are going
    too fast to figure manually inspect.
    In particular, one can do "ipsec whack --status" on the peer before letting the processing
    proceed. [MCR]
 * Note in logs when parentSA is considered good [MCR]
 * Disentangle LIBNSS and non-LIBNSS code [MCR]
 * Convert some uses of whack_log to loglog() so that they go into system log too! [MCR]
 * Log the IKE version in state, and if v2-parent, log the msgid counters [MCR]
 * State_hash now returns the bucket number, which can aid in certain kinds of debugging [MCR]
 * Some minor comments about msgid processing
    make sure that if the msgid is too large or cookies do not match, that no further processing occurs [MCR]
 * Gave all the IKEv2 state microcodes a human readable name [MCR]
 * Found problems with mis-initialized st_msgid_nextuse, created new routing to allocate them from parent [MCR]
 * Added record of IKE maj/min version to state structure.
    Collect it in into the msgdigest, and insert into stats on receive/create-state, and initialize
    it when initiating. [MCR]
 * Found error in starter_whack_add_pubkey that resulted in public keys not loaded. This was
    introduced in commit: 0783e455 by mcr (me!) [MCR]
 * Improve documentation of starter_whack_build_pkmsg [MCR]
 * Set LOOSE_ENUM_OTHER values appropriate, and debug the result if desired [MCR]
 * Parser_loose_enum used to return explicit "255", which matches LOOSE_ENUM_OTHER
    as a value. But instead put the appropriate value into the keyword_def structure.
 * Not only is this more flexible, but it is much easier to understand [MCR]
 * Mark keyword_name() arg0 as const [MCR]
 * Adjust ikev1 for new find_host_connection ANY that takes histype [MCR]
 * Added KH_IPADDR to list of host type keywords [MCR]
 * Added histype to find_connection functions [MCR]
 * Some initial changes to put %any processing into host_pair code [MCR]
 * Log host type of remote side of conn in host_pair [MCR]
 * Changes to link order cause liboswlog to be properly linked in; this requires exit_tool
    and progname to be setup properly [MCR]
 * Import TS checking/narrowing code from libreswan into ikev2parent_inR2 [MCR]
 * Changed SEND_NOTIFICATION to SEND_V2_NOTIFICATION, from libreswan [MCR]
 * Ikev2_log_parentSA should be used on initiator and responder.
    It is a good candidate for a function that could be omitted when memory is tight [MCR]
 * Ikev2_process_payloads is wrong for processing and encrypted payload, do it inline [MCR]
 * Make sure that event is always deleted on free_state [MCR]
 * Added counter for number of retransmissions from responder seen [MCR]
 * Repeated payload problem fixed [MCR]
 * Notification should go to whack log, with appropriate value
    make sure to set the current state, and remove debugging of payloads seen [MCR]
 * Create a way to run parentI1 with calculations so that they can be saved (does not work yet) [MCR]
 * Always include RFC5144 groups, no more ifdef [MCR]
 * Split libnss code from non-libnss for better clarity [MCR]
    outR1 could well assign the header msgID from the initiator's messageID,
    but since the I1 messageID is defined to be zero, it should all be the same.
    The messageID is sequence in IKEv2, but in IKEv1, it's opaque, so handle htonl() here. [MCR]
 * Processing of v2N_INVALID_KE_PAYLOAD notify [MCR]
 * Now picks correct state when notify is seen [MCR]
 * ikeI1 state to deal with respondering sending a notify [MCR]
 * Add target to make assembly for examining underlying causes [MCR]
 * Do not delete state immediately, mark it as waiting to delete [MCR]
 * Permit the RHEL7 spec file to also build on RHEL6.5. xmlto otherwise can not resolve dependancy
    for lynx vs elinks. RHEL7 does not seem to have lynx [MCR]
 * Change log of state deletion to not be a debug, log state name too (idea from libreswan) [MCR]
 * Move spd formatting routines to library [MCR]
 * Split orient() function into new file so it can be tested [MCR]
 * When processing conf files, a missing right=/left= should cause an error and the conn should not be loaded [MCR]
 * Move orient function to libpluto.
    Pass it the pluto_port number to use, rather than reference a global [MCR]
 * Change pluto_port -> pluto_port500,
    introduce pluto_port4500. Make setting the pluto_port also set the NAT traversal port to +4000 of it.
    Do not hard code the port 4500, use IETF name for port 4500 [MCR]
 * New function: ikev2parent_outI1_withstate permits IKEv2 to start with some state [MCR]
 * Refactor pubkey addition process, add this to whack write [MCR]
 * Include option to create whack files from loaded conns [MCR]
 * Refactor serialization of whack message to reuse in readwriteconf [MCR]
 * Return count of messages read so that failures can more easily be diagnosed [MCR]
 * Move whack msg write functions to libpluto [MCR]
 * Make sure that the --secctx_attr_value is always accepted, and if appropriate, ignored [MCR]
 * Permit an explicit nhelpers=-1 [MCR]
 * Added family2str to decode AF_INET/AF_INET6 nicely [MCR]
 * Moved defs.h to include/pluto/defs.h, so change the include slightly [MCR]
 * Change some more variables to LIBFOO from FOOLIB [MCR]
 * A batch of libreswan configuration code was ported as it was noticed that there was some
    mix of strdup/clone_str already.
    Some keywords were imported, many were not yet imported.  The code is formatted vastly differently [MCR]
 * Refactor key building whack message processing [MCR]                                    

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