[Openswan Users] Looking for some quick OpenSwan consulting

Pat Wilbur pat at konekt.io
Wed Apr 8 16:56:46 EDT 2015

Hi all,

My company is trying to complete an IPSEC VPN tunnel between a virtual
private server running Linux + OpenSwan and a Cisco router.  Would anyone
here be interested in making some quick cash helping us set up the proper
OpenSwan configuration?  The Cisco router is already configured and we have
already established what our IPSEC configuration will be and exchanged PSKs.

The routes should allow for both:

Network A (Cisco) hosts <--> Network B (OpenSwan VPS+VLAN) hosts

Network A <--> Internet via Network B

The VPS running OpenSwan is connected to a private internal VLAN with a few
other VPSes connected to it and will need to have routes/iptables rules
established so that it can route traffic to other hosts on that VLAN and
those hosts on the VLAN can route traffic over to Network A.

Thanks in advance,
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