[Openswan Users] When IPSec tunnel up, cannot communicate with local LAN

Peter McGill petermcgill at goco.net
Mon Oct 6 13:42:46 EDT 2014

Ok, so since my working tunnel is in KLIPS and after reading this in the
ipsec.conf man page:

    This feature is only available with kernel drivers that support SAs to
overlapping conns. At present only the (klips)mast protocol stack supports
this feature.

Which made me think that Nick was partially right with respect to
overlapping subnets not being supported, at least with respect to netkey.

I would consider that a bug however, as it is supported by both standard
routing and the IPSec protocol.

However, I have it working on KLIPS right now on another server.

So I installed KLIPS on my new server, but whenever I try to send traffic
over the tunnel I loose all network connectivity (local and remote).

Peter McGill
Systems Analyst and Administrator
Gra Ham Energy Limited
519-284-3420 x204

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