[Openswan Users] Impact of installing OpenSwan on existing Linus server

Nasir Javaid nasirjavaid at gmail.com
Tue May 20 04:10:21 EDT 2014

Dear List,

I need to configure site-be-site VPN to our SMS provider. For this we have
an existing server which is running Asterisk PBX. Server is Centos 5.6 with
a static ip address. I am new to OpenSwan and don't know what impact
OpenSwan will make on my server. Will it change IP/Gateway settings or some
thing else? Will I be able to keep same static IP with current settings or
will I loose connectivity with server due to gateway change etc... I don't
have physical access to our server so shh connectivity to my server is
crucial and I don't wanna loose it.

Please help as I have to configure it urgent. Thanks.


Nasir Javaid
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