[Openswan Users] openswan and sonicwall

Simon Deziel simon at xelerance.com
Fri May 16 09:20:02 EDT 2014

Hi James

On 14-05-16 08:53 AM, Patrick Naubert wrote:
> *From: *James Calfee <james at jcalfee.info <mailto:james at jcalfee.info>>
> *Subject: **openswan and sonicwall*
> *Date: *May 14, 2014 at 4:04:07 PM EDT
> *To: *users at lists.openswan.org <mailto:users at lists.openswan.org>
> Does openswan support DH Group 2?  
> I'm reading a post that says the sonicwall must be set to Group 5 to
> work with openswan.  If you don't support Group 2, I would like to hear
> your thoughts.  I would like to make a case for the system administrator
> to see if I can get it changed.
> Group 2 (1024 bits)
> Group 5 (1536 bits)

Both (and more) are supported. The details on how to use them are in
"man 5 ipsec.conf". Searching for "modp" in the man page should put you
on track.


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