[Openswan Users] Azure and Openswan - traffic routing not working

Ruben Laban r.laban+lists at ism.nl
Tue May 13 02:40:14 EDT 2014


On 2014-05-13 01:32, Damir Reic wrote:
> Since Azure has limitation of only 1VPN gateway i created Centos VM
> inside it and i sucessfully established VPN with Cisco 1800 router.
> Now i can ping both sides of the tunnel but traffic is not going
> trough when i want to ping something from Azure LAN to other side of
> VPN. I don't have any iptables rules and ipfowarding is enabled. Port
> 4500 and 500 are forwarded to the Centos VM.

Based on my own tests this is quite likely due to the network stack 
within Azure being virtualized/abstracted. My conclusion: Azure doesn't 
allow you to do any custom routing within their network. Hopefully this 
is something Microsoft will decide to change in the near future.


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