[Openswan Users] DHCP on tunnel endpoint

Neal Murphy neal.p.murphy at alum.wpi.edu
Wed Mar 26 16:21:15 EDT 2014

On Wednesday, March 26, 2014 04:02:13 PM Daren Hickman wrote:
> Can openswan start a tunnel from an interface that is using dhcp and whose
> address may change.  Can it be wild carded so any address on the interface
> with the default gateway be used?

Yes. But it is fraught with peril if the IP changes frequently, as you 

And I believe yes; this is typically called a Road Warrior config. But the 
Road Warrior must initiate the connection because the other end doesn't know 
where to send packets until it receives packets from the R/W.

If the DHCP end is a firewall, you should be able to use a dynamic DNS service 
to keep the IP address updated, and then use a domain name in the configs. But 
with the possibility of DNS poisoning, it may be better to stick with IP addrs 
and wildcards.
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