[Openswan Users] Single interface / tunnel will not come up.

Mike Johnston mjohnston at wiktel.com
Fri Jan 31 22:03:56 EST 2014

On 1/31/2014 5:27 AM, Bruce Markey wrote:

> being the only interface that is available on the VPS, and 
> it's an external address.  This is my first guess as to where the 
> problem is, but I haven't found a good example of how to deal with this.

On 1/31/2014 7:16 AM, Bruce Markey wrote:

> Are my openswan settings correct since I only have a single IP on that 
> side? 

If you want to have a second interface, you can create a dummy0 
interface.  Then you can have something like this: INTERNET --

Where the network would be a virtual network that is 
totally contained within the VPS and has no physical port.

Then you could configure it so that traffic between and goes through the tunnel.  On the VPS, you would host 
private applications that you want accessible from on 
the dummy0 interface, on an IP like  You could use the 
VPS's firewall to further restrict certain apps to be allowed only out 
the dummy0 interface.  For example, you could put samba on the dummy0 
interface and it would be accessible to through the 
tunnel....samba would subsequently not be accessible out the internet 
facing port.

To set up a dummy interface, you need to add a line with the word 
"dummy" to the end of /etc/modules and reboot.

Then in your network config, add something like:

auto dummy0
iface dummy0 inet static

Your ipsec.conf file would contain this:


Hope that gets you somewhere, or at least gives you some ideas to work 
with.  I am using this method to connect my network to a server sitting 
in a datacenter.  I have a Cisco ASA though.

Also note that I never had good luck getting pfs to work between my ASA 
and openswan, and resorted to "pfs=no" in my config.

Mike Johnston

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