[Openswan Users] VPN goes down every couple minutes

Mike Johnston mjohnston at wiktel.com
Tue Jan 21 12:44:23 EST 2014

I tried adding a comma:


and I tried putting spaces next to the braces:

   rightsubnets={ }

I also tried these combinations:

   rightsubnets={, }

   rightsubnets={, }


all with the same result when restarting the ipsec service:

ipsec_setup: defaulting rightsubnet to

I know that both subnets are being recognized because I can can ping 
hosts on both networks and because "route -n" includes:

Destination     Gateway         Genmask         Flags Metric Ref    Use 
Iface   U 0      0        0 bond0   U 0      0        0 bond0

This leads me to think that this error message can just be ignored, as 
the VPN otherwise works as desired.

Nick, I do like your idea of using a /23, but I would rather have a 
future-proof config that allows me to later add more ip ranges that are 

Thanks for your help guys!

Mike Johnston

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