[Openswan Users] MySQL over Openswan VPN tunnel

Christopher Slagel chris at noxsolutions.com
Wed Feb 12 15:53:16 EST 2014

Thanks Simon.  Through some research I found that that might be the issue,
and I¹ve tried editing our /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 files
and messing with the MTU (adding MTU=³xyz²), but don¹t seem to be having
any success.  Is there another way I should try messing with the MTU?

On 2/12/14, 12:50 PM, "Simon Deziel" <simon at xelerance.com> wrote:

>Hi Christopher,
>The problem you describe could well be related to a MTU issue. I'd try
>setting a MTU of say 1400 and see if things start working.
>On 14-02-12 03:38 PM, Christopher Slagel wrote:
>> We have a VPN tunnel with Openswan between two AWS regions and our colo
>> facility (Used AWS¹s
>> guide: http://aws.amazon.com/articles/5472675506466066).  Regular usage
>> works OK, but we are having some MySQL issues over the tunnel between
>> all areas.  Using mysql command line client on a linux server works, but
>> trying to connect using the MySQL Connector J it basically stallsŠ it
>> seems to open the connection, but then gets stuck.  It doesn't get
>> denied or anything, just hangs there.  Logging isn¹t picking up anything
>> at all and usually very verbose about errors.  Any input as to what we
>> can do to fix this/improve the connections would be appreciated. Thanks.
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