[Openswan Users] MySQL over Openswan VPN tunnel

Christopher Slagel chris at noxsolutions.com
Wed Feb 12 15:38:46 EST 2014

We have a VPN tunnel with Openswan between two AWS regions and our colo
facility (Used AWS¹s guide:
http://aws.amazon.com/articles/5472675506466066).  Regular usage works OK,
but we are having some MySQL issues over the tunnel between all areas.
Using mysql command line client on a linux server works, but trying to
connect using the MySQL Connector J it basically stallsŠ it seems to open
the connection, but then gets stuck.  It doesn't get denied or anything,
just hangs there.  Logging isn¹t picking up anything at all and usually very
verbose about errors.  Any input as to what we can do to fix this/improve
the connections would be appreciated. Thanks.

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