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Tue Apr 15 10:09:16 EDT 2014

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From: Christopher Buckley <chris at cjbuckley.net>
Subject: Re: [Openswan Users] Unable to connect using Windows 7
Date: April 15, 2014 at 10:08:38 AM EDT
To: Daniel Minder <daniel.minder at uni-due.de>
Cc: users at lists.openswan.org

Hi Daniel,

I did as you said, but also changed the lines in remote-access.conf to
add the below details.

> So, I suggest to change the lines to:
> conn peer-site-to-site
>        ike=aes256-sha1,aes128-sha1,3des-sha1
>        phase2alg=aes256-sha1,aes128-sha1,3des-sha1

This has *fixed* my issue connecting to the VPN from within my
site-to-site connected LAN. Thankyou!

I still can't get an external Windows 7 client to connect (nothing
appears in pluto.log, though I still see the connection attempt via
tcpdump), I will continue to work on this and see what I come up with.


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