[Openswan Users] State diagram?

Iain Buchanan iainbuc at gmail.com
Tue Nov 5 08:42:58 UTC 2013


I'm having trouble setting up a VPN between two machines that are behind
NAT firewalls (one is an Amazon EC2 instance).  I'm having trouble
interpreting the error messages - I don't understand what the states
reported actually mean - is there a diagram anywhere of what the
transitions are between the states, and what the IP addresses used at each
point are?

E.g. something like:

Initiator: STATE_MAIN_I1 - packet sent from "left" to "right" with source
set to "blah"
Receiver: Waits for STATE_MAIN_I1 packet, expects source to be "blah" etc.

I'm getting stuck at STATE_MAIN_I3, but I'm not sure what should be
happening at this stage: whether it is a routing issue or just
misconfigured IP addresses.

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