[Openswan Users] Multi site from scratch config

Gary Smith gary.smith at holdstead.com
Tue May 21 17:52:25 UTC 2013

> Need more data.
>   - Post the internet-to-server equipment 'paths'; mostly, we need to know
>     if/where there is NAT in the path.

All openswan servers will be on the perimeter firewalls.

>   - What's the overall config; is it a star? full graph? Ring? (Most likely
>     star, but it should be stated.)

>   - Does each site need to access every other site?

Generally, we prefer that there is complete access to/all sites.  One of the remote offices (mine) will get a dump of all of the backups (databases, etc) in any event, one of the remote sites will have to be accessible from A and B.

> Openswan generally just works. But it can be a bother until you figure out
> how to specify each private LAN so their traffic is allowed (grabbed and
> pushed) through the VPN(s).
> Generally speaking (when traversing the internet; leased lines are
> different), left/right are always the public IP addresses,
> leftsourceip/rightsourceip are the private public-facing IPs behind NAT, and
> leftsubnet/rightsubnet are the LANs accessible from that endpoint. Also need
> to be certain that you are using the same encryption methods at each end.
> And be leery of compression.
> Assuming a star config, the basic addressing should look like:

Now, the only issue I have with the A-C configuration is that the remote offices are using DHCP through cheap lines (Comcast).

I'll get a better diagram png up on the net in a day or two and repost to give you a better idea.  

One other quick question though, I notice that stock RedHat/CentOS packages have some defaults in /etc/ipsec.conf that seem to different greatly from all of the samples that I have seen on the internet.  I have an okay understanding of how the conn properties work (I say okay, because there is probably something I could be doing better).  I think this is my biggest point of confusion.  

Anyway, thanks for the quick response, and I'll have some better diagrams and questions to go with those diagrams this week.

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