[Openswan Users] Site-to-site + OpenVPN

Damir Reic dreic at email.t-com.hr
Mon May 13 18:29:43 UTC 2013

> > OpenVPN is running on So i want to configure 1st server
> > ( that requests on OpenVPN ports are pushed inside the
> tunnel.
> On the side, make sure OpenVPN binds to or
> On the side, make sure the OpenVPN clients connects to the
> listening port on
> You should probably disable all firewalling on both sides while you are
> debugging this issue and enable it afterwards.
> HTH,
> Simon

How do i make sure Openvpn clients connect to over the 1st
server? Clients are NOT behind a firewall on IP, they are
internet users with their public IP.

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