[Openswan Users] Site-to-site + OpenVPN

Damir Reic dreic at email.t-com.hr
Wed May 8 20:02:34 UTC 2013



this is theoretical question:


Let's say i have 2 servers, intermediary server and destination openvpn
server. If i establish site-to-site VPN with openswan between those 2
servers, can i let's say use this tunnel to tunnel openvpn requests and
whole openvpn traffic to destination server (both server have public IP).


So example:

I run openvpn on port 1399 on 2nd server. For OpenVPN server address i
specify 1st server IP and then whole OpenVPN traffic is routed (with
iptables) to destination openvpn server trough te site-to-site tunnel.


Will this work?

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