[Openswan Users] really basic peer-to-peer setup

Alan McKay alan.mckay at gmail.com
Sat May 4 01:41:16 UTC 2013

On Fri, May 3, 2013 at 9:27 PM, Simon Deziel <simon at xelerance.com> wrote:
> It's surprising that both letf and right are RFC1918 IP addresses.

Everything is.   This is going across our corporate network.    Long
story but I run a small lab for Scientists, within a network for a
hospital.  I've been fighting like crazy for a year to get more room
for servers and the hospital finally gave me another location in a
different building.  Fortunately I was able to get them to run GigE
between the two - but it is across the corporate network not a private
link like I wanted.

So I run 2 firewalls (for redundancy) at both locations (well, only 1
right now at the new location, until I get it going) and have my own
private subnets behind each.

It would be cleaner if they'd give me a subnet on 10/8 and let me
route it, but they won't.   So I need to VPN between them.

Could there be a problem with OpenSWAN when it is all RFC1918?  I find
it difficult to believe nobody has done this before.

Anyway, I may not get a chance til monday to try your config, but I
will.   I'm just sitting here at home having a beer and this problem
is really bugging me :-)

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