[Openswan Users] key 2048 bit

Sergey V. Stenkin stenkinsv at amteo.ru
Wed Mar 27 12:26:39 UTC 2013

> thanks for your help, now on my host I have two vpn connections site-to-site and my key is at 2192 bit but now I have to do a new site-to-site connection with a Fortinet appliance that handles only 2048 bit keys but to do this third connection i have to change my key for the first two vpn connections ?
> now my conf is:
Yes. You changed your own keypair (sec/pub):

# cat /etc/ipsec.secrets
: RSA    {
     # RSA 2192 bits   OpenWRT   Mon Feb 15 08:12:22 2012
     # for signatures only, UNSAFE FOR ENCRYPTION
     #pubkey=0sAQPSY ...


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