[Openswan Users] netkey and virtual interface

Simon Deziel simon at xelerance.com
Wed Jun 12 21:50:03 UTC 2013

On 13-06-12 04:35 PM, Damir Reic wrote:
> I have a VPS which has venet0 and venet0:0 interfaces with public ipv4 being
> on venet0:0. Now when i start openswan it gives me error that i can't find
> public interface. I am using NETKEY.  I tried to specify
> interfaces="ipsec0=venet0:0" but it gives me ipsec_setup: interface
> `ipsec0=eth0' not understood . Is there a way around this?

NETKEY doesn't uses ipsecX devices.

If your VPS is based on OpenVZ as implied by the venet device, you might
be able to use OpenSwan but I never tried myself. According to [1], it
might require some additional capabilities for your VE/VPS and you need
a 2.6.32 kernel.

Good luck,


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