[Openswan Users] How to configure nat_traversal in /etc/ipsec.conf

Bart Smink bartsmink at gmail.com
Tue Jan 8 17:06:49 EST 2013

Hi Tony,

I'm not an expert on Openswan, but I do have experience with it. I have
enabled nat_traversal always, and it has never caused me problems. Your
problem seems to occur when you dont have it enabled.

OSX used to have a bug with public ip connections, where it told Openswan
that it was NAT-ed even when this was not true. This can be solved by using
some settings in ipsec.conf.

You need
 for the Iphone to work.

I also have this:

But I dont know if it is required.

You need this for l2tp tunneling

Not sure about the last two, but I have them enabled.

for l2tp you need:

forceencaps is required for IOS, to fix the false statement of the IOS/OSX
client saying that it is NAT-ed. Indeed this is also the case with OSX.

I hope this helps, but do notice that IPsec tunneling is not always easy.


Bart Smink

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