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Langland, Blake blangland at integrity-apps.com
Thu Jan 3 19:05:08 EST 2013


I have been able to solve my previous question (about traffic over my tunnel only being encrypted in one direction), though I think my solution is more of a hack than a real solution. Let me explain:

I am testing with UDP traffic, and setting leftprotoport=udp and rightprotoport=udp makes traffic encrypted both ways. These setting were previously the suggested 17/1701, and 17/0 for l2tp. From a little reading I did, with the suggested settings my test traffic is not being passed through the tunnel (l2tp) and therefore is not being encrypted. That is why when I configure it to encrypt all udp traffic, not just that from l2tp, it works.

Am I thinking about this correctly? How do I get all traffic to be sent through the tunnel? I am testing between a linux server using openswan and a windows 7 client on the same LAN. I am trying to get all traffic between the two encrypted.

Thanks for any help you can give,

Blake Langland

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