[Openswan Users] Roadwarrior setup to Draytek Vigor

Muenz, Michael m.muenz at spam-fetish.org
Thu Feb 28 14:43:13 EST 2013

Am 28.02.2013 18:55, schrieb Thorsten Meinl:
> Type=tunnel and specifying a fixed IP for both side does *not* work. I
> cannot even get a connection. If I use left=%defaultroute I get at least
> a connection. The setting of leftsubnet does not change anything either.
> Also the XXXprotoport-settings don't affect anything.
> I don't think that it has to do anything with PSK via RSA since I am
> sucessfully authenticated with the router ("500 STATE_MAIN_I4 (ISAKMP SA
> established)") and ip-xfrm rules are set up. But obviously not correct.
> I can't be that hard to use IPSEC, can it? No error messages and it
> still doesn't work.
> Thorsten

Can you send me your config off-list? I have a similar test setup at 
work where I can check the config.


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