[Openswan Users] Roadwarrior setup to Draytek Vigor

Muenz, Michael m.muenz at spam-fetish.org
Wed Feb 27 14:07:58 EST 2013

Am 27.02.2013 17:28, schrieb Thorsten Meinl:
> Why? I also tried with type=transport if this is what you are aiming at,
> but the results were the same (no success). Only the "ip xfrm policy"
> output looks a bit different.

I would try type=tunnel, left and right fixed IP addresses, leftsubnet 
same like left with /32.
Don't use XXXprotoport, only for RW setup.
If it  don't work try with PSK first, it's much easier, if that works go 
to rsasig.


- Cisco, Linux, Networks

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