[Openswan Users] Openswan configuration from Sonicwall Client

Abel Monzon abelcubano at gmail.com
Sat Feb 23 23:19:57 EST 2013

Hello Lists.

Is the first time that I am going to writte to the list.. and starting
configuratin vpn client with openswan. My scenario is that, from
Windows X, I succefully I connecto using Sonicwall VPN client to the
vpn server, but the thing that only I need username, password, and ip
from the vpn, I don't have to provide anything more. but, Sonicwall
client is only for windows, and I decided to use openswan to do this.
I was reading that If i use authby=secret, is to use pre-share key.
but this is the thing, I dont know what is the pre-share of my
company.. if they are....can you please send me example that I can
configurate this to make possible.? Another thing is that i read at
the sonicwall vpn cliente the logs that they get auth. using ISAKMP.

There is any solutions?

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