[Openswan Users] TP-LINK Ipsec tunnel to OpenSwan

Tony De Keizer tony at verticalconnect.net
Sun Dec 22 17:04:28 EST 2013

I have successfully setup a ipsec tunnel between a TPLINK TD-W8970 and a
Ubuntu 12.04 box running Openswan.  Both sides indicate the tunnel as up
and the left and right subnets are accessible to each other.

I noticed after a period of time (not yet determined how long) the right
subnet could no longer access the left subent but both sides indicated the
tunnel was still up.  To test the tunnel I used ping from the left side
Ubuntu server  to see if I could still see a device in the right subnet.  I
could and suddenly the right subnet was again able to see the left subnet.
 I could only assume the ping had reinitiated the tunnel somehow but I am
unable to understand why.

Would anyone have any clues ?

Kind Regards
Tony De Keizer
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