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Sun Aug 4 13:13:05 UTC 2013

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From: Анатолий <mg-raynor at mail.ru>
Subject: Openswan + xl2tpd + multiple clients behind same nat
Date: 4 August, 2013 9:07:19 AM EDT
To: users at lists.openswan.org

Hi everyone.
My question has already been asked on the forum, but i still don't have a correct solution.
I have two or more clients from the same NAT.
How can i make it work without problems?
When that clients try to connect with  my server,  still worked only one of them (last connected).
PS: Sorry for my excellent english :D
My system:
Linux 3.8.13-gentoo x86_64
net-misc/openswan-2.6.38  USE="extra-algorithms nocrypto-algorithms pam ssl weak-algorithms -caps -curl -ldap -ms-bad-proposal -nss"
net-dialup/xl2tpd-1.3.1-r2  USE="kernel -dnsretry" 

I will post configuration files if it is needed.

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