[Openswan Users] IPsec after restart won't come up again: No route to host [errno 113, origin ICMP type 3 code 1 (not authenticated)]

Neal Murphy neal.p.murphy at alum.wpi.edu
Wed Apr 10 23:19:03 UTC 2013

On Wednesday, April 10, 2013 07:07:58 PM Gertjan Baarda wrote:
> Thanks Neal,
> I don't see any incoming IKE challanges on this box so I presume theirs is
> set to auto=add.
> I'll send the vendor a email to check their site of the IPsec conn and
> routingrules.
> Any ideas why the IPsec shouldn't go down earlier if other side changed the
> configs? Possible because of IP connection tracking on their side? Most
> odd..
> BTW.. .232.52 is not pingable but .232.133 is. :-S

Once the VPN is connected, it should normally stay connected. Changing the 
config doesn't necessarily restart the VPN (this depends on the method/UI used 
to change the config).

Nitpick: you used .235.52 and .232.133 before, and now .232. for both. Typo?

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