[Openswan Users] Setting up an OpenSwan server to be used as a gateway

Erich Titl erich.titl at think.ch
Wed Sep 5 16:27:48 EDT 2012


on 04.09.2012 20:42, Muhammad El-Sergani wrote:
> Dear list,
> Since I come from an OpenVPN background, I'd like to force users to send
> traffic to IP X.X.X.X (for example) only through the VPN tunnel, and the
> rest through the device's default gateway. Is there someway to configure
> OpenSwan to do so? I have any idea to redirect traffic via iptables by
> sending back an ICMP message, but not sure of the idea, this'll cause a
> lot of network traffic.

Maybe L2TP will interfere, but....

Why don't you just define connections for your VoIP hosts, once the
IPSec tunnel comes up the routes to those VoIP hosts will be added and
traffic will go through the tunnel.



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