[Openswan Users] weighted routing

fatcharly at gmx.de fatcharly at gmx.de
Thu Oct 18 11:16:51 EDT 2012


is it possible to do something like weighted routing with openswan. Image there are two tunnels to different gateways which leads both to the same net. When I try to start the ipsec service (with both tunnels in auto start mode), first tunnel gets established second one writes an error like "tunnel could not established, because routing for tunnel 2 exists within tunnel 1". So I thought about starting the second tunnel manual with ipsec auto --up tunnel2 when tunnel 1 is down. But there is still the problem with the routing and I cant start up tunnel 2 manual, because routing scheme is already within tunnel 1. 
Sure, there is the solution to work with two ipsec.conf files for each tunnel one, but then I have to stop the ipsec service and all other tunnels are down for this moment. So possible but not nice.

Any suggestions are welcome

Kind regards

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