[Openswan Users] OT IPSec -- L2TPD/Xauth

Erich Titl erich.titl at think.ch
Wed Oct 17 18:19:42 EDT 2012

Hi Kit

on 16.10.2012 17:51, Kit Peters wrote:
> For the record, I have IPsec and xl2tpd implemented on a Linux (Ubuntu)
> firewall and have non-rooted Android clients.  See http://goo.gl/by9zs
> for details (ignore the Proxy ARP bits).

Thanks a lot, I intend not to go the XL2TP way, but forwarding the
tunnel to a M$ RAS server which can then authenticate the users in our
AD system (hopefully).

I can get Phase2 established with my non rooted Android system, so I am
rather confident that it might work with the RAS Server.

I am using fwbuilder on the gateway which allows this rather seamlessly,
but have to wait for the windoze guys to get the RAS server up and
running inside the protected zone.



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