[Openswan Users] Works fine with Android, Iphone and Win7, but not winXP

Willie Gillespie wgillespie at es2eng.com
Wed Mar 21 07:28:52 EDT 2012

On 3/21/2012 3:26 AM, Raúl Uría Elices wrote:
> Hi all, I have this up and running for Android, Iphnoe and windows 7,
> but I can´t connect to from a Windows XP. XP has
> AssumeUDPEncapsulationContextOnSendRule set to 2 (double NAT).
> Ubuntu 11.10 (GNU/Linux 3.0.0-16-generic-pae i686)
> Linux Openswan U2.6.37/K3.0.0-16-generic-pae
> xl2tpd-1.3.0
> Any idea?
> auth.log:
> Mar 19 12:22:25 ubuntu pluto[1513]: "L2TP-PSK-NAT"[39] #69:
> STATE_QUICK_R2: IPsec SA established transport mode {ESP/NAT=>0xfe1a8c15
> <0x7e2d3ef1 xfrm=3DES_0-HMAC_MD5 NATOA=
> NATD= DPD=none}

This line shows that the IPsec side of things is up and working.

So I would focus my attention on the xl2tpd and ppp logs to see if you 
can figure out where that is not working.

Is your server actually behind a NAT device?  I just wonder because of 
the registry value you have set for your XP machine, but not on the 
Windows 7 machine and why you would have them be different.


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