[Openswan Users] Road Warrior setup and multi-access with same account

Wozzinger openswan at stinkfish.org
Thu Mar 15 07:58:56 EDT 2012

In a road warrior style setup and using l2tp/ipsec, is it "ok" (or do
you have to configure accordingly) to login multiple times using the
same username/pass/secret or should each connection use its own set of
credentials? I'm wondering if it's OK to use the same set of details
when connecting from my Mac, Win7 PC and iPhone, sometimes appearing to
come from the same (NAT'd) IP.  Seems to work OK but sometimes a
connection seems to get left half open and I can no longer re-connect
using the same device (i.e. iPhone won't work but works fine from Win7
or Mac OS X box).

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