[Openswan Users] Trying to get openswan working with android

Patrick Lists openswan-list at puzzled.xs4all.nl
Fri Feb 24 14:34:11 EST 2012

Hi Paul,

On 24-02-12 15:46, Paul Wouters wrote:
> Can someone try it using android with l2tp.nohats.ca, user test, password
> test, psk test? That has fixes in it from git (so post openswan 2.6.37)
> that did address OSX issues we saw with NAT-T. It might also fix the
> android issue.

I just tried it on a Nexus S with Android 2.3.6 and it connected :-)

I pinged the 193.x.x.1 address that I saw in the output from iproute 
list on the phone which got replies. I did not try anything else. In the 
output of iproute list on the phone I noticed some networks that seem a 
bit odd (never have seen /1 before): via 193.x.x.1  dev ppp0 via 193.x.x.1 dev ppp0


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