[Openswan Users] Trying to get openswan working with android

Patrick Lists openswan-list at puzzled.xs4all.nl
Fri Feb 24 08:24:06 EST 2012

Hi Scott,

On 24-02-12 06:41, Scott Webster Wood wrote:
> Is there a good step-by-step guide available anywhere on setting up an
> openswan server in linux and possibly for connecting with an android
> phone?

Openswan & Strongswan do not seem to be compatible with Racoon which is 
used by Android. See this bugreport:


In that bugreport there is someone who mentions that it works fine if 
you use ipsec-tools on the server side (instead of Openswan/Strongswan) 
and there's another report that it works fine if you use ipsec-tools 
(racoon) here:


Unless Google and/or the Openswan developers look into this issue I 
don't see how you can make an IPsec connection from Android work with 


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