[Openswan Users] Amazon EC2 IPSEC connection

John Q john_q61 at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 1 15:25:07 EST 2012

I have configured a ubuntu 12.04 64-bit server machine on Amazon EC2 to act as a strongswan IPSEC server. I want to connect to it from my MAC OSX Mountain Lion's inbuilt IPSEC client. The OSX machine is in my home network.
I log into the AWS machine using a ssh to ubuntu at public-ip and I provide the private RSA key in form of .pem file which I downloaded when the machine instance was created. The ssh connection works file but the IPSEC connection fails.
What credentials/configurations should I provide for an IPSEC connection on the ubuntu server? My OSX machine is behind an ISP provided modem/router.
Here's my /etc/ipsec.conf on the EC2 Ubuntu server
conn amazonec2
     # use %defaultroute to find our local IP, since it is dynamic
     # set our ID to our elastic IP
     leftsubnet= # IP of the VM is
     # set our desired source IP to the Elastic IP. Openswan will create interface address and route
     right= # IP adress of he OSX machine

Appreciate any help and thanks in advance
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