[Openswan Users] How to configure Openswan as a remote client

Dave Brown dave.brown at touchstone-inc.com
Wed Sep 28 16:25:20 EDT 2011



Being new to Openswan I am having trouble configuring it.


I am running on Linux CentOS 5.6 with Openswan version 2.6.21 installed.

I am trying to set it up so that it connects to a Cisco ASA 5505, however it
needs to connect via a specific groupname, through a specific user account
on the ASA.  The ASA is set up so that each account in the group responds
with a specific IP for the client to use when the tunnel is created.  And
the connection must be TCP on a specific port.


Any help with getting things up and running using these parameters would be
greatly appreciated.




--David A. Brown


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