[Openswan Users] Limite Number en phase2

SCHNEIDER Benoit ton.ami.totoro at gmail.com
Mon Sep 26 09:36:08 EDT 2011


Actually in my office we have many VPN up the typical is: server -> modem
(the VPN is directly mount on the modem), and on some site, sometime we can
see many phase 2 (near 200 and more)
This look to a pear when the site was down many time (some time few day to
few month), at the first time the server see again the site, he look to up
many phase 2. During this time the CPU usage of our server could be at 100%
used by pluto. And for this time we can't up a other VPN, so we kill and
restart it (I know is bad but ...)

There is a way to limit this ? to explicit says that we didn't want more
than 2-3 phase 2 up on a link ?


Benoit Schneider
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