[Openswan Users] Yet Another EC2 Config Debug

Paul Wouters paul at xelerance.com
Thu Sep 8 14:16:19 EDT 2011

On Wed, 7 Sep 2011, James Nelson wrote:

> Newbie looking for any sort of help- it seems as though I can't even get the plane off the ground at the moment.  The issue might
> be with the phase2 in the .conf, but ipsec verify is showing everything is clear.  All of the necessary files and logs are below,
> with the exception of the full barf.  Anything stick out like a sore thumb?

> conn ec2-to-checkpoint
>         connaddrfamily=ipv4
>         type=tunnel
>         authby=secret
>         ike=3des-md5;modp1024
>         Ikelifetime=86400s
>         phase2=esp
>         Phase2alg=3des-md5-modp1024
>         lifetime=28800s
>         forceencaps=yes
>         pfs=no
>         left=<EC2 PRIVATE IP>
>         leftid=<EC2 ELASTIC IP>
>         leftnexthop=%defaultroute
>         leftsubnet=
>         leftsourceip=
>         right=<CLIENT GATEWAY>
>         rightsubnet=<CLIENT ED>
>         auto=add

Did you try starting the tunnel, either with auto=start or by
issuing: ipsec auto --up ec2-to-checkpoint


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