[Openswan Users] Openswan finally refuses connection during or after phase 2

thomas4437 at gmx.de thomas4437 at gmx.de
Mon Oct 31 09:12:07 EDT 2011

> Just as a quick sanity check: double-check that IP forwarding is enabled 
> and your FORWARD table of iptables is not blocking things.

Hell, it was as simple as enabling IP forwarding ...

Willie, you made my day - again! Can't thank you too much, so nice you took care of me!

I read so much about establishing VPNs but I never came across this one (although peeps covered iptables and routing topics to a great extent) - seems that it's general knowledge but to me who is concerned with linux only every once in a while but for several years now this would have been of great help having read about earlier ...

Anyway, I really appreciate all your help, now I can enjoy doing EVERYTHING from my iPod :)

Thanks again, folks, cheers,
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