[Openswan Users] Booting users off (Openswan, xl2tpd, Freeradius)

Ian Daley ian at nian.com.au
Sat Oct 22 10:49:40 EDT 2011

Hi there,

first time poster, slightly longer Openswan user.

So... quick background, and excuse me if I am trodding on any FAQ things 
I missed here but, here is my scenario.

I have 2 VPN Servers that both manage their connections to a Freeradius 
server running on a 3rd server.

Both servers are identical in that they are Ubuntu 10.04, run Openswan 
2.6.36 and xl2tpd. They both grab their credentials from a third server 
running freeradius. This bit works (yay!) but took a lot of googling 
(not so yay) to setup.

Now... everything is working great... but there is a situation where I 
would like to revoke access to a user and boot them. Revoking is no 
problem, but the connection persists even after the account password has 
been changed in Radius. I could just boot everyone off the server... but 
that's not every nice... instead I would like an elegant and effective 
way to disconnect a user.

Documentation is scare.

Thanks for any and all help.



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