[Openswan Users] How to config Static-to-Roadwarrior in different openswan version?

Nick Howitt n1ck.h0w1tt at gmail.com
Fri May 27 09:58:50 EDT 2011

On 27/05/2011 01:48, Paul Wouters wrote:
>> typically I _believe_ you would define
>> left=%defaultroute
>> right=%any
> You can not do that, as openswan in this case cannot determine if it is
> left or right, since both ends are dynamic.
> Paul

I know you have said this before but I have used this sort of definition 
since I started using Openswan two years ago. It works with 2.4.15 
without defining protostack (therefore using netkey by default). With 
2.6.x it works if you define protostack=netkey, but not if you do not 
define it (where it uses netkey by default :-( ). I have never tried any 
other protostack.


p.s  I also have "interfaces=%defaultroute" in config setup. I don't 
know if this helps.

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