[Openswan Users] Recent Gateway Disconnects

Judy Leach jleach at texadasoftware.com
Tue May 17 15:17:52 EDT 2011

We have been running Openswan for about 3 months now without issue. This past Friday, a couple of users reported that the gateway was disconnecting them. We are using Shrew as the client on the Windows side and it is configured to use an existing adapter and IP address. At first I thought the disconnect was due to the fact that two users had the same local IP (both users had LAN IP address assigned via DHCP) as they were in separate locations. I reconfigured Shrew to use a Virtual Adapter and assigned IP address which seems to have resolved the IP address conflict. However, one of the users is still being disconnected by the gateway. /var/log/secure shows the following error message when the disconnect happens: pluto[19875]: ERROR: asynchronous network error report on eth0 (sport=4500) for message to xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx port 61791, complainant xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx: Message too long [errno 90, origin ICMP type 3 code 4 (not authenticated)]

Note that I changed the public IP to xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx and the complainant and message to addresses are not the same. Any help in figuring this out would be greatly appreciated as a Google search does not return many results.


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