[Openswan Users] Is this true?

scartomail scartomail at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 31 15:05:29 EDT 2011

Hi list,

I found this howto:

Looks straight forward I was planning on setting up such a system.

Until I read these lines at the bottom of the howto:
1. One caveat I've noticed however is that the client cannot be initially on the same subnet as your organization's internal IP range.
2. Another caveat that I've noticed is that I don't think two computers can connect to the server from behind the same NAT.

Now I noticed that the webpage was written in 2009 and might be outdated.
Are these "caveat's" still true?
Or have the openswan developers created options or new code that does not have these "drawbacks"?

So in other words are those statemenets still true?

Thanks for any advice in advance.

Rdgs Edo

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